Investment is about time IN the market, not market timing!

Investment in stock markets are down considerably, and I felt that I need to add a post to ensure you know where we stand. Sometimes I need to be blunt, in the nicest possible way, in order to remind people why they have invested.
This note is to tell you that the current market downturn is nothing new and this time isn’t different to other times. It’s an unnerving time for investors right now. The market just got scary, like 2008 or 2009.
When we advise clients, we recommended a diversified investment portfolio that was designed to provide the returns required to satisfy their goals.
A client’s portfolio may be down in value from where it was in January, which was a high point. Some may feel that they want to sell all their investments and go into cash because that feels safest.
I really want to make this crucial point. It is completely irrational to sell a portfolio tailored for you when the market is low, and then try to time the market (NOBODY CAN!) and buy it back when the market is higher. It makes infinitely more sense to simply keep your portfolio through the scary times and ride it out.
So, we created a portfolio based on a client’s goals.
It still matches their goals, and nothing has changed.

Investment is about time IN the market, not market timing

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