Tax Planning

With careful planning you are able to minimise any taxes that are due and potentially boost returns from investments or income. This should be an ongoing process as tax law changes regularly. You should check your situation regularly to ensure that your planning is up-to-date.

With all taxes there are usually some reliefs, allowances and exemptions which should be taken advantage of to reduce the amount of tax that you have to pay.

Tax planning need not be very complex; as simple tax planning can be very effective. Complex avoidance arrangements are increasingly coming under scrutiny. There is always a risk that complicated arrangements may be questioned in the future and you should always consider this in your planning.

We can help

Buxton Beresford are able to help with many aspects of tax planning, simple pension planning, structuring investments tax efficiently and setting up of life insurance tax efficiently to the more complex inheritance tax planning, trust work and company benefits.

We work with your accountant or solicitor to ensure that our proposals fit with your other planning. This makes sure we plan effectively and save as much tax and grow your capital is efficiently as possible.

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Personal Tax Planning

Income Tax

Most earnings are taxed; from employment income, pension, property income and interest on savings. Some income is not taxed such as ISAs or premium bonds. You are responsible for accounting for your income to HMRC, with penalties for inaccuracies or false accounting.

Capital Gains Tax

CGT is paid when you sell an asset. It is paid on the increase in value from the date that you bought the asset. You have an annual tax-free exemption (£11,100 for 2015/16). Some assets, for example your home are exempt from this tax. Losses made on investments when sold can be used against any future gains.

Inheritance Tax

This tax is paid when you die, and in some cases even before that. If your estate is valued at more than £325,000 (£650,000 for a joint state) then you may be liable to inheritance tax at 40% of the excess. Legislation is proposed to give an additional relief on £175,000 of the value of your home. You can reduce the amount you may be liable to pay by careful planning, but time needs to be given as some of this planning to take effect.

Business Tax

Running a business is complex and time-consuming. We are always better at running the business than we know, and it is always sensible to use an accountant to produce your annual returns, which may not be an expertise that you hold. An accountant will help you with accuracy, knowing what is allowable and especially with punctuality. This could reduce your tax take. An accountant will also keep up-to-date with tax changes and any opportu