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It is always lovely to hear from our clients on what our clients think of us!

Here are a selection from new and long term clients…

“Having fallen into the trap of an IFA who came with the previous company’s pension scheme I had become somewhat disillusioned when they invited me to change a holding that I had bought myself and had done exceedingly well, (better than any of their recommendations). The cost of doing so, would have required a 10% uplift in the new holding to break even. Since moving my allegiance to Bootneck Money (part of the Buxton Beresford Wealth group), I have consolidated all my holdings, have simple online access and would like to think found a kindred spirit.”

RH, Company Director, Hampshire


“We are new clients from 2017 and chose Mark because of his obvious passion for his work and his highly professional and in-depth knowledge.
We have life Insurance and Pensions with Mark and cannot recommend him highly enough”

PCD. Farnham.


“Mark Beresford has been my Independent Financial Advisor for over 25 years.  He has always provided sound, pragmatic guidance with regards to my financial objectives and for this reason, I have remained with him”.



“Mark Beresford has been handling my pension and other financial affairs since 2006. I was unhappy with my previous IFA and Mark has subsequently attained the growth that I hoped for with my private pension. We review the situation at least quarterly, and with financial planning being so important when you are self employed, Mark has become quite key to securing my future. We have built a strong relationship over the years and I implicitly trust Mark to act in my best interests.

David Hillman”


“ I have known Mark for more years than I can remember. He is not just a professional finance Advisor but also a personal friend who has helped me negotiate the myriad rules and regulations surrounding Investments, Pensions and ISA’s. I was nearing retirement when I wrote this so the advice I have received over the years is bearing fruit whilst many others are struggling to retain the value of their hard earned savings in these harsh economic times.

As Mark is around the corner, Mark has advised me  on a radical approach to my pension which has already transformed my “pension pot” into a vibrant investment.  I meet him when required but certainly at least 4 times a year.  I know he keeps a watchful eye on how my investments are doing.

Best of all, he explains what I should do to understand it!

I am now happily retired.

All the best”

RB- Judge & Advocate


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Thank you for reading and thank you to our clients.

Mark Beresford